Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Laptop Day to Me!

I am posting from the cozy confines of a brand-spankin' new laptop. My first non-hand-me-down/non-work-owned laptop.

Before you get too jealous, it is an Acer Extensa, so not the biggest boy on the block. 2GB RAM, 160GB HD, AMD 64 Athlon X2... and the dreaded Windows Vista!

So far, I do not hate Vista. I have been putting off getting a laptop, just to avoid Vista. Now, I think I have been Mojave Projected. It does not seem like a nightmare. I think people forget going from 95/98 to XP and how we whinned (well, many did). Since I have come up from DOS, then 3.x to now Vista, I think I am a little more open to Microsoft "moving my cheese." I get a bit more irritated by Linux and Apple making odd-ball changes (an Intel chip in an Apple? Sacrillege!).

Enough about that. Happy so far with the Acer. Now just waiting for the wife to come home and decide what my punishment should be. Maybe doing some dishes would be in order before she arrives? ;-)

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