Saturday, October 4, 2008

D&D Tiny Adventures

Not quite getting the Tiny Adventures thing at Facebook. Here is how I understand it so far...

  1. You read a little bit of text. You press "Update Result"
  2. You read a little. You may have been attacked. You may have stepped in dog crap.
  3. You wait a seemingly random amount of time.
  4. Repeat from step one until dead, retreated, or finished.

It seems that you may as well not have a class, as you don't do anything class based. I like wizards, so I took the wizard. Guess what! He is always in melee combat!

Maybe I am missing something? Maybe I should have taken another character? Maybe it is purely there to time waster? It does seem a bit more interesting than Elven Blood.


Jamdin said...

You pretty much summed up Tiny Adventures pretty well. I'm finally a 7th level half-elf paladin. I mostly play the game while doing something else since the wait between encounters can be anwhere from ten to fifteen minutes.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I actually completed the adventure I was on while blogging that. I have yet to use any magic, but got two items I could actually use :-)

Reis O'Brien said...

It's totally meant to be a time-waster, and I admit I'm hooked. It's fun to break up the day while I'm working on the computer to check in on my little adventurer and see how he's doing. It's fun to collect stuff, and to level up. Also, I'm on my second generation character and each generation gets special benefits.

Of course, it's not for everybody. And you're right, Eleven Blood was kind of boring. ;)

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