Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Was at a BJD Meeting by Accident

Okay, let me start by saying, "I am not making fun of this." Please be kind in your comments. These are female nerds, and male nerds like me have enough help from biology in keeping the girls away :-D

I was at the game store in Raleigh today (Lost Goblin) for a fourth edition D&D demo game (more on that later). I was early, and there was a BJD meet there. BJD is what? Ball Joint Doll. Essentially, you build a doll; its look, its outfit(s), its accessories. I didn't ask too many questions for fear of offending, but what I gathered was that some people buy the clothes and some make them. Some do both. Here is a low-quality pic from my camera.

Not sure what their meeting consisted of. At first, all the dolls seemed to be sitting on the edge of the table, and their creators talking. Then the table cleared out a bit and there seemed to be some discussed interaction between the dolls on display. Maybe a bit of an Amber style role-playing?

Anyway, the BJDs were a bit on the creepy side for me, but then I did see a lot of killer doll movies as a kid. The women at the meeting were far more normal than I expected. Big ups to Lost Goblin for letting them have a place to mingle publicly. Isn't that what all we nerds want?

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