Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anna Farris Drops Out of "Inferno"

Anna Farris (Scary Movie series, House Bunny) has pulled out of the movie Inferno, which was to be a biopic on Linda Lovelace. Lovelace was the star of seminal hardcore film, Deepthroat. She later claimed to be drugged and forced to perform. Farris thinks the film would be too dark. The mention is at Moviehole, here.

Probably a smart move. Porn is too mainstream these days to pull out a story of how depraved it can really be. Whether Lovelace's claims are true, there are enough similar stories (Traci Lords), and untimely deaths (Shaunna Grant) to make the story believable. Also, look what happened to Val Kilmer after playing John Holmes (besides getting near-Brando fat), another porn tragedy? Not much ;-)


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NAHHH.... ill always admire your greatest fan

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