Monday, November 10, 2008

Archaic Game Material of the Week

From Dungeon Module L1: The Secret of Bone Hill, 1981

stone guardian
Frequency: very rare
No. Appearing: 1-4
Armor Class: 2
Move: 10"
Hit Dice: 4 + 4
% in Lair: 100%
Treasure Type: see below
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage/Attack: 2-9/2-9
Special Attacks: nil
Special Defenses: see below
Magic Resistance: see below
Intelligence: none
Alignment: neutral
Size: 75% M, 25% L
Psionic Ability: nil
      Attack/Defense modes: none
XP Value: 550 + 8/hp

The stone guardian is a special type of golem-like figure. It is manufactured somewhat like a golem or a figurine of wondrous power using enchant item, transmute mud to rock, magic mouth, detect invisibility, and limited wish or wish. (Note: detect invisibility is optional but no other detection spell may be substituted for it.) A figure of a man or a creature up to ogre size (smaller or larger will not work) is made of mud and given a heart of stone. The heart must have enchant an item cast on it. The mud is transmuted to rock and the wish is cast. Magic mouth is required so that it can be activated under precise circumstances. However, there is a 2O% chance per activation that the precise instructions will be disregarded and then the stone guardian will attack anything! A special ring of protection from stone guardians can be crafted at the same time a stone guardian is manufactured. This ring will keep the wearer and all others within a 10' radius immune to a guardian's attack. The ring will only work for the stone guardian(s) made at the time the ring was magicked and will be useless against other stone guardians.

The stone guardian takes only 1/4 damage from edged weapons, and normal missiles cannot harm it at all. It takes ½ damage from cold, fire, and electrical based spells. It cannot be poisoned, held, charmed, paralyzed, or affected by fear since it has no mind whatsoever and no living body. It will attack until destroyed. Stone to flesh, transmute rock to mud, stone shape, or dig spells will kill it instantly with no saving throw. A stone guardian can see and hear due to the power of the wish, but can detect invisibility only if that spell is used in its creation.

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