Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Quick Look Back

Since we have been on the subject of women more than gaming or movies or television... I thought I'd look back at some of my early awakenings to the female form, and figure out the whys and whats of my tastes now.

Without looking up dates of airing, the first two women I found sexy, even though I was a bit young to realize what those stirrings were, are in fact nerd girls. A comic book hero and a sci-fi hottie. I give you, Lynda Carter and Erin Grey.

Lynda Carter is fairly easy to explain. Few people would deny her hotness, and she is close to my adult ideal. Brunette, busty, curvy — <singing>these are a few of my favorite things!</singing> Carter, of course, played the successful Wonder Woman on TV (we won't get into Cathy Lee Crosby at the moment). After WW, she was in a show with the (in my opinion) less sexy Loni Anderson, called Partners in Crime, which I remember having a pretty high jiggle factor. Ms Carter is still high on my list of favorites.

Next, Col. Wilma Deering from most beloved show of my youth, Buck Roger in the 25th Century. Col. Deering was played by Erin Grey, who I still find sexy, though the reasons are not as cut-and-dry. She's thin as a rail. She's often blonde. Her curves are very slight. The spandex outfits are likely the culprit in my pre-pubescent years, but why still? It can't be simple nostalgia, can it?

Last, the first from when I realized what I was looking at. I had the pink bikini in the hot tub poster of Heather Thomas before I knew who the hell Heather Thomas was. I sat through Zapped! just because she was in it, and never missed the opening credits of The Fall Guy, since she was introduced in a bikini. Oddly, of the three, I find Heather Thomas the least appealing these days. I can't explain it, but there is something lacking. Maybe I am overly critical because of the age I was infatuated by her, or maybe because her work was not important to me she had less personality, and thus less sex appeal?

Anyway, pictures!

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Lynda Carter

Erin Grey

Heather Thomas

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