Saturday, November 8, 2008

Up After Thanksgiving, Down Before the New Year

There is a rule with Christmas trees (in the States, at least). Don't put it up until after Thanksgiving, and take it down before the New Year.

That being said, I am wondering when I should take the Obama/Biden sticker off my car. Here is what I am thinking:

I get a bit angry every time I see a four year old Bush sticker (in fact, I see some eight year old ones on occasion). I am happy my candidate won, but do not wish to be divisive.

I am likely the only white Democrat where I work, however...

So, just for fun, as my last official act of the 2008 campaign, I have added a poll to the right side of my blog. I'll abide by my fellow geeks decision, though I reserve the right to add a signing statement ;-)

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