Monday, December 1, 2008

Archaic Game Material of the Week

This is getting out late. Over the long weekend, I completely lost track of what day it was. The wife was studying, so we spent four days in the house... Ugh. I could have gone out, but we don't exactly live in the rockin'est town. Anywho, more of a posit, of sorts, than a remembrance.

Basic/Advanced Dungeons & Dragons + Heroquest
= 3e and 4e Dungeons and Dragons

In Basic/Advanced D&D, you could use miniatures, but it was not necessary. There was a lot of character development and storytelling. In Heroquest, the character is basic and combat is the rule of the day. Some people argue that 3e and 4e are too combat heavy, and games do not have the same flavour as older editions. There are a lot of miniature combat rules, and in 4e, many powers and abilities are strictly for combat.

So, are the new editions of D&D just glorified Heroquest with a smattering of older versions of D&D?


Malcadon said...

LOL! 4e wish it was Hero Quest! Hell, 4e wish it was D&D!!

Hero Quest is way better the that piss poor game WizBro is passing off as the latest installment of Dungeons & Dragons. HQ has better art, batter props, and is really fun to play!

I find that complete rules are not necessary for a good RPG game - Hell, I have role-played with HQ, and it was quit fun! The general lack of rules and ease of customization, adds a lot of room for free-styled role-playing.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Simple can be best. There are so many games that have just one great idea, and you could put that idea into another game, as long as your hands are not tied by rules. I laways thought the Sanity Point system in Call of Cthulhu was a neat idea, but never got into the game. It could be easily adapted to a simple game like Heroquest or Basic D&D, most likely.

Thanks for stopping by. The more the merrier! :-)

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