Monday, December 8, 2008

Archaic Game Material of the Week

This week... Gamma World!

I had two editions of Gamma World when I was a kid, and the GM Screen, but never really got to play it. 1st edition was generally very much like D&D, game play-wise (IIRC). I do not remember later editions well. One thing I do remember is that thanks to Gamma World, I learned where Albuquerque was!

I remember having one character that had the porcupine quills. He was (as a back story) a D&D magic-user who was ported to Gamma World through some mishap. His magic did not work, and he was mutated by the wealth of radiation and his lack of resistance to it. Cheesey, I know, but I was, like, 12 years-old :-)

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Gamma World
1st Edition Box Cover

Gamma World
1st Edition Book Cover

Gamma World

Gamma World
Referee's Screen

Gamma World
Module GW1: Legion of Gold

Gamma World
3rd Edition Cover (?)


yoyorobbo said...

Yes, Gamma World is seemingly popping up a lot lately...which is very cool indeed.

I too have rekindled my interest, these past few weeks, in all things GW. So your post here is very timely for me.

I have 1st, 2nd and some 4th edition materials (at least those are the ones I know I have...heh). 1st and 2nd were very similar. 3rd was kinda weird (IMO) with the inclusion of the Marvel Super Heroes game color-coded charts. 4th had a number of similarities to 3rd ed D&D (IIRC).

I do not have 4th edition rules/boxset, but I'm in a Play-by-Post (modified) 4th ed GW game, that is just starting. Should be a blast! My guy is a mutated Alligator...a Gatorman named...."Munch"...woot!

Anyway, nice post, per usual. I really dig your blog here, bud. Nice work!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Hmm... 1st edition, eh? Any chance you have a scanner? I'd love a better pic of the Leporinoids :-) I've been wanting to do a Blog Logo with them, but as you can see, the pic I found is pretty crappy :-D

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