Monday, December 29, 2008

Archaic Game Material of the Week

Follow up to the surprisingly popular Quest for the Rings...

The fourth character was The Changeling, who could turn invisible.

As far as strategy goes, IIRC, the fighter was the only one who could kill opponents. The wizard could stun from a distance. The phantom could go into a wall and draw enemies to him, but they could not get him. The changeling could draw enemies in, then turn invisible, so as to not get caught. The last two were useful in keeping enemies away from the other character, so he/she could finish the level. The phantom could also avoid dangers when trying to reach the goal by moving through walls.

As for the dungeon types, they are pretty self explanatory. Regular dungeon, nothing special. Crystal Caverns had invisible walls. Infernos had flaming walls that kill if you touch them. Shifting Halls move left to right every few seconds. They jump rather than scroll, and if they land on you or a monster, you are trapped until they move again (unless you are the phantom).

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Quest for the Rings
Cover Image

Quest for the Rings
The Map Board

Quest for the Rings
Dungeon Level with Dragon

Quest for the Rings
Crystal Caverns with Dragon

Quest for the Rings
Inferno with Dragon

Quest for the Rings
Shifting Halls with Nightmares

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