Sunday, December 7, 2008

OK, I am late to see it, but here goes... Quantum of Solace

Went to see Quantum of Solace last night. I was not dying to see it, since I have heard mostly bad things about it. Fortunately, I am not a Bond afficianado. I mean, I liked Timothy Dalton as Bond, and my favorite Bond is Roger Moore. Obviously, I am not a die-hard fan.

So, here goes. I liked QoS. It had problems, sure. Was it pure Bond goodness? Probably not. Was it fun? Mostly. I like Craig as Bond. He's a thug. The way they choreograph the fights has a very Krav Maga/mixed martial arts feel that seems appropriate for Bond; quick resolution, multiple opponents, pull no punches. Also, it seems the Craig films are the first times you see Bond messed up. He is beaten and bloody throughout the film. One scene where he is shirtless (likely the wife's favorite :-) shows numerous cuts and scars on his chest and arms, which you don't normally see on Connery or Moore.

The bad? Well, the villain was a bit of a nothing. The master scheme was very non-supervillain—a bit too realistic of an evil corporate scheme for a fantasy setting. My worst part were the exploding hydrogen cells. They exploded and lit the building on fire, but hydrogen is not an accelerant. It explodes more like gunpowder, only faster.

In the end, I am glad I saw it, but would not pay $10 to see it again. Maybe on DVD if I was in the mood for Casino Royale, since the two go together. If you like action, see it. If you like Bond, maybe wait for DVD.

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Mark Bruno said...

My mother is a major bond fan and she gave this one a thumbs up. She also loved Casino Royale.

My sentiments largely match yours, though, and my favorite Bond is Roger Moore, too, although I thought Pierce Brosnan was pretty bad ass. Golden Eye was the shit.

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