Monday, December 8, 2008

Oooooh... 3x6. That makes eighteen!

Welcome to our newest follower, "when is evil cool."

Check out his blog here. One of the few places I have seen anyone dressed as my 2nd favorite villain, Cobra Commander.



Mark Bruno said...

Yeah...I kinda, um...don't get it :)

when is evil cool? said...

darius- thanks for the kind words.

mark - you never saw ed wood? or son of the atom? yikes.

Mark Bruno said...

Admittedly, my only experience with Wood is via Plan 9 from Outer Space, and even then my memory of it is very spotty because, truth be told, I'd rather stab my eyes with a fork than watch anything by Ed Wood. :D

Darius Whiteplume said...

I have not seen any actual Ed Wood movies, but loved the Tim Burton biopic. I am not alone in that, but lots of people I know hated it. I thought Depp and Landau were fantastic. I think it is worth watching just to see the baptism scene and the "Fuck Karloff!" scene. Aside from being very funny and weird, it was a quite touching story about Wood's love for Lugosi, similar I imagine, to Burton's love for Vincent Price.

As for the When is Evil Cool? blog, there is something both appalling and appealing about the picture here. But then, I was always infatuated by Wednesday Addams. :-)

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