Monday, December 22, 2008

Premature Book Review: Black God's Kiss

Black God's Kiss is a bit of an odd one. I have not gotten very far (as Loop, the last in the Ring trilogy showed up), but it is an interesting story in the first 30-or-so pages. Appears that it takes place in medieval Europe (France?) and tells the story of a female warrior who's town has been conquered and wants revenge on the usurper. She goes so far as to descent into what is surely hell to retrieve the weapon to help accomplish this.

The story has a bit of a Lovecraft feel to it. The alien landscape she ventures into has that sense of madness and paranoia that would be easily attributed to Lovecraft or Moorcock. This early we have not seen the warrior in action, but it is plain that she is a real tank. I am enjoying it, and imagine it will not go downhill :-)

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