Monday, December 22, 2008

Premature Book Review: Loop

The final installment of the Ring trilogy follows Kaoru Futami on his quest to figure out the cause of some overly coincidental cancers attacking his father and virtually everyone his father worked with. I can't say too much on that mark without creating a spoiler.

So far, this is the slowest starting of the Ring books, but it adds to the suspense as something major happens at the end of the previous book, Spiral, and you are left waiting to see when the feces will strike the oscillating cooling device. There are hints here and there, but it is not until chapter twelve that you see a name you know, and then it makes you question the previous books.

I can't stop reading it, even though I am dying for resolution. Again, I think Koji Suzuki does a great job of creating mystery and suspense with paranoia and confusion being the main source of horror.

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