Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Premature Book Review: Spiral

Yet again, jumping off the blocks with a review of a book I am barely into. Why do I do this? Mainly, because if I like a book early on, I tend to stick with it.

Spiral, by Koji Suzuki, is the second book in The Ring Trilogy. It picks up where The Ring left off, in a manner of speaking. The protagonist has changed to Ando, a medical examiner who is doing an autopsy on one of the characters from the first book. Ando is recently divorced, brought on by the death his son, who died at sea (watery graves were a feature in the last book). The creepiness sets in pretty quickly as we learn he was friends with the victim he is autopsying, and gets to feel supernatural pretty early. Where The Ring felt like a mystery that happened to be paranormal, Spiral feels more like a paranormal story that will surely involve a mystery.

I am enjoying this so far. Suzuki is very good at getting off the ground quickly and his writing style engages you. The books are short (around 350 pages), and keep your interest. The Ring (previously reviewed here) ended quite differently than I expected, and was not a let down.

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