Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Religion: The Gathering!

Hop on over to Electronic Cerebrectomy to see a great find of cards for a religious CCG spoof. See it here. Personal favorites:

I may have to convert to Zoroastrianism. Not because I believe, or that I intend to follow its tenants, but I'd like to be able to put something weird on forms. I have not gotten up the nerve to put Jute, Ostrogoth, or Vandal as race yet. Weird religious affiliation might be more confusing, but less likely to cause me trouble :-)


SamuraiFrog said...

The biggest advantage of Zoroastrianism that I can see is that no one understands it, so no one knows how or why to annoy you about being one.

Digging the G.I. Joe banner.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Destro thanks you. I am looking forward to the GI Joe movie. They had some of the weirdest villains ever :-)

I remember liking Zoroastrianism when I first learned about it in some High School (probably) Western Civ class. This was before I reached the Age of Reason (i.e. when I embraced atheism). I did like the who god/devil as twins of sorts (equally powerful, IIRC).

I'd post my comments to your post, but unfortunately (though you may be excited by this) this base's network people have determined your site to be pornographic :-) I'll screen grab the rejection screen for you. They blocked NSitSC too. Twats ;-)

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