Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is NOTHING like high school!

This morning brings a welcome to two new followers, not too late I hope! (a clumsy sentence, but I wanted to get the three forms of the homonym in :-) When we get to 24, I will official be six times as popular as I was in high school! |-D

ironmammoth's ("Iron Mammoth"?) SF, Pulp and being a British Geek-Dad! is a site I had not been to before. You know you'll like a site when the first post you see is a commercial for a, I am guessing real, board game called "Ball Busters!" Check it out here. We are both Hero Press followers, so thanks to The Acrobatic Flea, yet again, for the link!

Tenebrous Kate's Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire is a fun trip through the world of horror. In case you are like me: tenebrous: adj. literary dark; shadowy (OED). My vocabulary has slipped significantly since becoming a tech :-) Big ups to Empress Kate: I have seen a lot of tattoos in my life; some really good, most really bad, but never a fumetti sleeve!

I'll try to keep the material coming. Some xmas stuff is on the way. Maybe another theme week soon, once I think of a topic. Maybe a review of xmas presents. The wife and I did gifts last night, and I went on a nerdly spending spree, so there are some DVDs to discuss.

As always, post comments of email me. Criticism is always helpful, praise is always desired!


Tenebrous Kate said...

I have to back up your data here--I've also found the internet to be at least six times as much fun as high school. Which... actually wasn't much fun at all... and multiplying something by zero means... ahhhh nevermind--you catch my drift.

Excellent blog and thank you muchly for the shout-out :)

The Acrobatic Flea said...

Thanks for the kind words; I kinda see myself as a "cheerleader" for the geek community ;-) Remember, "save the cheerleader..." and all that!

Mark Bruno said...

That sleeve is fantastic. I now have tattoo envy, although mine still look good after all these years. Helps to get ;'em touched up every so often as the black seems to fade the quickest.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I never got a tattoo. I used to want one, but could not think of anything that might apply to me for the rest of my life. Then, when tattoos became something for every mall chick, I kinda lost interest.

I ride a motorcycle though... Even after getting hit by a car on one. No road rash, but that's kinda like having a tattoo? :-B

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