Monday, January 19, 2009

Expecting a big letdown tomorrow morning...

No, not about Obama.

They are calling for up to six inches of snow here tonight. We don't get snow much in the south, and whenever it is expected, it does not come. I refuse to drive in the snow since I left my teen years, so snow means what it did prior to age sixteen; no school! (or work, these days)

I fully expect to wake up to bone dry streets and 40°F... I had hoped to bask in the inaugural glow, unbathed, wearing sweats, and perhaps have a pre-noon adult beverage to celebrate. Instead, I'll be at Republican central, listening to how the country is going to go to hell because of "That One." Did I mention I work for the military?

Maybe, just maybe, the Invisible Pink Unicorn (BBHHH) will hear my pleas and shower us in the loose, un-snowball-able stuff we call snow in North Carolina!

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Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool said...

I feel sorry for you poor bastards that haven't been trained to survive the snowfall. Reason 656 why its awesome to be a Canadian. Just tuck your pants into your socks and soldier on but don't wear socks on your hands for mittens because that is wrong in any country.

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