Monday, January 19, 2009

Golden Axe: Beast Rider

You may have noticed the half-assed new logo, featuring the dwarf from Golden Axe. Well, in looking for images, I came across a new game: Golden Axe: Beast Rider (PS3). I may be a bit behind the times, as I am still a Playstation 1 owner :-)

While Golden Axe was my favorite game series, this game looks like it might be fun for an hour or so. It looks like you run around, semi-pointlessly, on a monster-powered killing spree. I am all for that, but have played enough similar games to know they don't last.

A big part of the original Golden Axe games was the teamwork. On the Sega Genesis (and maybe the arcade) you were only allowed so many credits, so you took your life, and your partner's, seriously if you hoped to complete the game. This one looks to be one player only, and the combat is reduced to essentially a heavily armed motorcycle. They do say something about a Legacy game, which also appears to be one player.

Now, I have been thinking of getting a Wii, and if it was available for that, I would likely get it, but there would have to be a lot more to the PS3 for me to choose it over the Wii or XBox for my next ridiculous man-child purchase. As far as a new Golden Axe goes, I'd rather see something like Final Fight, which was essentially a semi-3D version of Double Dragon. Play over a network with the three main characters could be a lot of fun. Ultimately, I'd rather just play the original.

You can check out the game here @ Sega.


Keith said...

That is a cool picture in this post. My brother had a Wii and 360. I have neither. I'm not much of a gamer compared to him and some of my buddies.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I am not much of a gamer either, though I can play Mario Cart for hours. It is the only game I am really good at; so good that it gets boring because I am always so far in front. Road Rash was also fun, and Dead or Alive & Soul Blade. I prefer console games, but not enough to spend a ton on a new console.

Mark Bruno said...

Ugh. This one turned out to be a stinker.

There are no reasonably placed checkpoints, nor is there more than one playable character, varied enemies, or multiplayer, which is a grave oversight, IMO.

I mean, the whole point of the Golden Axe series was to bash monsters and knick treasure WITH FRIENDS!

At any rate, Darius, if you're looking for a "this generation" console you can't go wrong with either a Wii or a 360, both of which are reasonably priced. The Arcade version of the 360 retails for $199, but you can probably find it for even less on ebay.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Thanks Mark. The wife played a bit of Wii Mario Cart at Best Buy when we were looking at the camera and seemed to like it. I was impressed to hear a friend say that on Wii Bowling he bowled his normal average. To me this means the physics are accurate.

Jay Amabile said...

I disagree with Mark...go with a PS3. They have the most expandable system. You have a web browser built in AND a top notch Blu-Ray player. You can't go wrong. I love it. I hear that Golden Axe for it sucks though. I'm waiting for DC Universe online, and WWE Legends of Wrestlemania.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Hmm... Blu-Ray, huh? It did win the war over HD-DVD :-)

I don't know if web browsing is a big plus. My laptop has better resolution and a built-in keyboard :-) XBox seems to have more games I am interested in, but I like all the sim-sports on Wii as well.

Mark Bruno said...

Actually, my recommendation was based on Darius' concern for not wanting to spend a ton of cash on a console system.

$399 is a lot compared to the lower price points of the Wii and select 360 models.

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