Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If you were my 3.5e PHB, where would you be?

I know some are going to say, "in the garbage" or "at the used bookstore" :-)

I am branching out a bit. The one place I like to play D&D is an hour away, and they play RPGA, so they never have enough DMs to get a seat playing. So I tried MeetUp.com, and found a group playing 3.5e in Eberron.

Problem is, I can't find my PHB!?!

I'll let you all know how it goes. In my new "city" [ahem...] I have not met many people I don't work with, and frankly 40 hours a week is quite enough of them. There are quite a few people using MeetUp in my area, so those of you in bigger places with savvier folks than Fayette'Nam might have luck looking for games, discussion groups, etc. All they ask for is a username, email address and zipcode, so it is not too obtrusive (I used the base zipcode for Fayetteville, just to appease my paranoia reflex).

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