Thursday, January 8, 2009

"The Story" with Dick Gordon (NPR)

The Story with Dick Gordon is an American Public Media show nationally broadcast on NPR. I like it because it is a good show, but also because it is produced in my neck of the woods at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (one of the southeast's premier universities, and the flagship of NC's state university system). The host, Dick Gordon, was a CBC corespondent and host of the NPR show The Connection.

Today's edition was titled "On Hold in Gaza" which can be found here or use the player below. It is is two parts; first he talks to a man in Gaza City on Wednesday, during the Israeli strikes. The second part is a discussion with Gordana Knezevic, who was an editor for a Sarajevan daily newspaper during the Serbian war. She sees many parallels between the conflicts, and the way the civilian population must deal with life and death everyday during urban warfare.

I don't like to get too political on this blog, and won't take a side on the Gaza issue here, but this was a particularly interesting and frankly heart-wrenching edition.

"On Hold in Gaza" from The Story with Dick Gordon

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