Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Premature Book Review: Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide

Sucker, I may be, but I got the 4e Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide. I was never a big fan of the Realms, but it is the one world I kind of know. Greyhawk is great, but it is hard for me to get through the online material.

I am no Realms historian, but it appears to take place after the events of the War of the Spider Queen series. The new hook is the Spellplague, which effected Toril after the god Cyric killed the goddess Mystra. Her death meant magic went ape-shit, and portions of the Realms on Toril switched with those of the sister planet Abeir (this is how they explain the sudden appearance of the dragonborn).

So far, the book seems superior to its 3.x edition counterparts. The locales are alphabetized, rather than scattered by region. There is a lot less player-based info, since they have their own guide. There are also skill-challenge ratings for what characters could know about a place, which is handy. It also includes a section on enemy groups, like the Red Wizards, rather than just defining them in their home areas.

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