Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Slavegirls from Beyond Infinity, Episode 2: Meet Zed

Last time we saw Daria and Tisa break out of prison and beat up some guards. They were hoping to get to a starship. Did they?

Of course.

Well, all did not go as planned, and the stolen ship crashed into the sea on a strange planet. We join Daria as she wakes up on the beach alone. Where is Tisa? Where will Daria go? Well, at least her hair products held up to the swim ashore!

Thank goodness Tisa made it! And boy, is that Zed creepy... I'll bet he's up to something. He didn't even care that two girls in slave/cavewoman outfits had a starship. Hmm... What could be in store for Daria and Tisa? Find out next time!

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