Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Chance to Do a Solid for a Fellow Nerd!

I mentioned this a few weeks back, and again apologize a bit for soliciting.

Jill, aka The Nerdy Bird, is participating in the MDA Stride & Ride this Sunday and is a mere $300 short of her team goal of $1000. You can read more about it at her blog, Has Boobs, Reads Comics, here.

Jill is a nerd girl of the first order, and is raising money for a good cause. You have until Sunday night to donate, and you can do any amount. To play off Jill's post a bit, how about this; consider buying me a beer this weekend, or a slice of pizza (cheese and mushroom please). Instead of doing that, however, donate $5 to Jill's team?

So, lets see how drunk-on-Karma you can make me this weekend. I can take it!

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Unknown said...

Thanks again for spreading the word, we made $110,000 for MD research!

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