Friday, April 17, 2009

High Tech? I Call It Steam Punk!

I know it might be sucky to say, and weird considering what a pacifist I am, but I love this pirate shit! I reminds me of my favorite show from childhood, Danger Island.

So, today on NPR they were talking about piracy combat equipment. Many shipping lines will not allow crew members guns, and many ports will not allow armed ship to port. So, there are some alternatives. The talk was about how high tech this stuff is, but I can totally see a Victorian superhero using any of these. Some are also very super-science-y, so they satisfy my Johnny Quest sensibilities.

First, a super grease spray. See a pirate ship coming? Get the super-grease spray gun out and slick their decks so no one can more around. Hell, spray the pirates, and they can't get around well. Come on, grease is a 1st level spell in D&D.

Next, the Force 80 Water Cannon. 400 gallons of water per minute up to 100 yards away. Remote controlled, so you can't shoot the operator (okey, that is high tech). Spray the pirates off their boat, or fill their boat with water and sink it. I can totally see Captain Nemo having one of these.

Third, the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) which transmits sound up to a mile, warning in several languages to stay away ("Viper is armed" kinda thing), or blow out some eardrums up close.

That's all from me. Check the real article out here.

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Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool said...

I too love that the pirates are back. Such a more creative way to extort the rich than robbing banks. No doubt being folk heroes in their own country does much to make the job popular...much like a rap star in the west. Both dress alike and have the same soundtrack to their lives.

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