Friday, April 10, 2009

Ideas for a new Forgotten Realms Campaign

I know my random Forgotten Realms posts don't get much play. This is almost as much for me to make notes as anything else.

I am hoping to start a 4e D&D Realms set campaign soon. I may have some players lined up soon, and with the addition of the druid class in PHB2, I may get the wife to play again.

I think I will set things in Impiltur. Why, you might ask?
  1. Almost nothing seems to have ever gone on there before. Google "Impiltur", I dare you! :-)
  2. This nothingness makes it a pretty clean slate. I won't have players saying "but in 1297DR the elves did..." I can do what I want.
  3. It is on the Sea of Fallen Stars, so travel to other regions will be available.
  4. Three words: Fraternity of Tharos. Also a clean slate... I can't find much about them, so I get to have some baddies that have little history.
As far as the why of the initial campaign, well, it is about 100 years since the 3e version of the Realms and there has been a cataclysm. Some of the characters we had before were extremely powerful humans and some were elves. I'd like to bring them back gradually as NPCs. Who knows, one of the elves might still be alive? Also, some of the more powerful characters might have made botched attempts to survive which thrust them into the future somehow? Who knows?

@T-Baby: maybe a certain 13th level druid is out there somewhere?


iasa said...

It's been so long since I played in FR, the only word I understood in this post is druid :).

Sounds like fun.

Darius Whiteplume said...

That was always my problem with the Realms... Very complicated. I have played with people who know everything. I am glad WotC said, "hey, let's just drop an a-bomb on the place!"

lokipan said...

sounds awesome. i look forward to updates

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