Thursday, April 23, 2009

Impiltur's History: Brynn Willowfeather

"Do you hobgoblins know what your problem is? You die too easily!"

Easily might not be the right word. Perhaps the eladrin should have said quickly, because dying on the edge of Winter's Fang is far from easy.

Brynn Willowfeather, Champion of Evereska, whirled through the crowd of hobgoblins. Not a drop of blood stained her armor as her frost brand bastard sword cauterized wounds with ice. Stiff bodies lay around with a sickening red-gray frost caked at the end of severed limbs and rent bellies. A cloud of snowflakes billowed around her as she brought death to the Gray Forrest of Impiltur.

A flash of light came from above. The starfall, she thought. She heard a shout from Whiteplume for his orc. Something must be up, the orc was retreating. Brynn touched the amulet at her neck and spoke an ancient word. Suddenly her sword was lighter and her limbs more quick. She began to rain death upon her foes like a hurricane. The brutes could barely react.

Unlike the others, Brynn had been waiting for this fight. Every tree in this wood was a forebear to her. Each was once an eladrin trapped in these woods by these fatherless hobgoblins. He pace quickened. She fought recklessly. Tirelessly. Mercilessly.

She was nearing the witch-king now. This foul hobgoblin with his demonic sword was calling out to the fallen star in the grunting language of his ilk. The foul smell of the sword burned her nostrils. The flashes of light turned the snowflakes blue. Then a flash of green and the Wizard Darius was between her and the witch-king. He began casting some spell, apparently trying to contain the hobgoblin.

"Brynn!" he called back to her, "I was wrong. This is not how things should have happened."

The light in the sky grew stronger, seemingly closer.

"We are done here, Brynn," he called. "Return to Evereska, perhaps your people can succeed where I failed."

"I cannot leave you here," she replied, "You are mad!"

He took the strange gem from his robes. She had only seen it once before, on the day they found it. Its glow was both beautiful and perverse.

"Go, Brynn. Evereska must know I have failed!"

She drew another amulet from her pouch. She watched the wizard raise the strange gem before the witch-king, then spoke a single word, "home."

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