Friday, April 10, 2009

It is only logical, Captain.

I think this is fantastic.

Eclectorama is having their 2009 Spockcation, starting Tuesday.

"Wait," you say, "what the hell is a Spockcation?"

Well, our friend BubbaShelby clued me in. Eclectorama's Mego Spock will be taking trips to various hosts who will show him around their town and takes pictures and notes about what Spock saw.

I offered today to host Spock, but I may be too late. Still, I felt this was such a great idea that I wanted to let you all know about it. Plus I am sure many of you would enjoy the Eclectorama blog.

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chunky B said...

I put you on the list and thanks again for the shout out.

Also, any other states out there that want to join, the ones in green (except NC of course) are still open and I'm taking hosts through out Spockcation!

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