Sunday, April 19, 2009

Laziness on my part, mixed with confusion. Welcome to new followers!

Longtime readers here will know I like to acknowledge new followers to the blog, and I used to be very good at this. Not sure why I started it. I am not an overly polite person. I do have a deep-seated desire to be loved. Also, my favorite part of Romper Room was "and I see Martha, and Johnny, and Katey, and Pete," but sadly never heard my ridiculously common name ("David" or "Dave" - I go by either - Really? You don't see David? I can't throw a rock without hitting a David or Dave!).

Anyway, enough about me.

Truth is, I noticed I was getting blog traffic from people I followed, and being a social ombudsman, I hoped to help my followers along (okey, a little more about me :-).

Since Blogger changed the Follower gadget, I have not been able to keep track. I know we have several new people, and don't want to leave anyone out, so rather than giving the normal rundown, if you'd like to comment here and point out your blog or website, please do.

Now, for your viewing pleasure:


Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool said...

OMG..I would watch Romper Room every day as a kid and that bitch NEVER said my name..EVER...sure she saw Mohammed and Jugdish but never Calvin.

Phronk said...

Holy crap, I don't remember Romper Room being so incredibly creepy.

DestroyYouAlot said...

Hahaha... ok, I'll bite. Just getting into the blog thing myself. Digging the cheesecake love, here - if there isn't a place in this hobby for chainmail bikinis, something is very wrong.

Cool to see somebody using Impultur - I always thought that was an underused corner of the Realms.

Anyway, yeah. Hey.


DestroyYouAlot said...

Oops - that was supposed to go in the other post. Delete away.

DestroyYouAlot said...

No wait, that was in the right place. SO CONFUSED

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