Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My new favorite show.

I cannot believe I have not been watching this all these years, but I must tell you, Grey's Anatomy is easily the best medical drama of all time.

Now, it is a funny show. There are lots of wacky things going on to keep things light, but it is such a good drama too. It is such a wonderful look at how young doctors must manage their personal and professional lives. I also really enjoy the medical end of things. My wife is a Physician Assistant, and it all seems so real to me now.

If you are not watching Grey's Anatomy, you really need to start. I have ordered seasons 1 through 5 from Amazon. They have 1 through 4 packaged here for under $100, and season 5 here for just under $40. They should arrive tomorrow because I paid for next-day shipping. So start watching for my live-blogging of season 1 here and on Twitter!


The Acrobatic Flea said...

I was fearing for your sanity until I saw the tag... nice one :)

wiec? said...

that show rules right? i didn't think i'd like it at first but after watching it for a few episodes and my brains spilled slowly out of my ear and onto the floor i really got into it.

and Sandra Oh is so not annoying either.

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