Saturday, April 4, 2009

One of the few DIY shows I can watch.

I almost never think of Sell This House, but for a while the wife watched this religiously (that's an exaggeration, of course). This is the one DIY show that never bothered me; not because I am interested in painting walls, or decorating, but Tanya Memme seals the deal. Now, I am not sure how many women find Roger sexy, but certainly fans of bears will. Plus his name sounds like he's a British porn star; Roger Hazard.

The show is pretty funny too. There are definitely worse things to watch on a Saturday morning.

Tanya Memme Images vi@ Watt-Up
Roger Hazard Image vi@ David Dust

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Wings said...

My wife and I like this show, too. It is definitely more fun than some of the other DIY shows out there.

Roger is like a weird live action Popeye. But Tanya is ... wowzers!

We actually met them, back at an appearance they had a few years back. Very nice people, they chatted a bit and we took pics with them, and they signed some other publicity things. Cool people.

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