Monday, April 6, 2009

Premature Book Review: My Booky Wook

Just began reading Russell Brand's memoir, which begins with him being treated at a Philadelphia clinic for sex addicts, or to use his term, the "terminally saucy."

Normally, I am not one for memoirs or autobiographies. Or biographies. Or histories. Or non-fiction... So, why am I reading this?

Well, Brand cast a bit of a spell on me. I do not know what it is. Smart and funny. Strange without being hostile (well, not too hostile). I thought he might be able to convey that funniness in print, and so far has done that well.

Now, I did read most of a long blog post by Brand from the beginning of the G20 summit, about his attempts to participate in the protests. It was a bit too long and a bit convoluted for me, but articles might not be his thing? So, I may never finish this one, but laughed out loud quite a bit last night. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble let you read a bit on their site. I try not to shill for the big boys, so here is a link to Chapters/Indigo too, for my Canadian friends.

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