Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick History of the Realms, Characters

Here are the characters from the old 3e Forgotten Realms campaign I played in. I am working on their story during the big cataclysm that led to the 4e Forgotten Realms.

Brynn Willowfeather
Grey elf (eladrin) fighter. Brynn was one of my wife's characters, and a serious tank. She weilded a frostbrand bastard sword (+3, I think) which I have dubbed "Winter's Fang." In my story, as the cataclysm approached, she (at Darius Whiteplume's insistence) went to Evereska to seek aid from the elves. Brynn was a Champion of Evereska, and therefore has high reputation there.

Varkaok Elfslayer
Orc fighter from near Thay. Varkaok was an NPC/henchman of Darius Whiteplume. He is very large, even for an orc. While on a mission near Thay, Darius befriended the orc, and Varkaok became his bodyguard. His loyalty to Darius is unquestionable. In my story he is a highly trained fighter and atypical for an orc.

Darius Whiteplume
Human wizard/bard. Harper. He is in possession of an odd gem, which my old DM really ripped off from the Shard stories. He is also possessor of The Book of Vile Darkness. His life's goal was to destroy the book. In my story he is shown a prophesy of the cataclysm and hopes he can prevent the cataclysm and destroy the book simultaneously.

Arden Ravenclaw
Human druid. My wife's other character. The most powerful character in our party, and one who was the focus of many adventures. In my story Arden is Chosen of Chauntea.

These four travel to Impiltur to face the hobgoblin witch-king who is assaulting Impiltur from the Gray Forrest. He bears the fabled Sword of Impiltur. The party met him at the time of the Starfall, and the outcome is unknown, save that the party members have not been heard from again, and it is rumored that the witch-king has survived the ensuing century through demonic pacts, or perhaps undeath...

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