Friday, April 17, 2009

The Song Stuck in My Head

I neglected to add Melissa to my "Defenders of my Faith" section of my Equinox/Passover/Easter post. This really was an error.

Now, forget the real-world timeline. We are talking about religion here. Real or fake you can't let time-space-continuity to get in the way. That said:

If Dolly Parton is the "Moses" of my religion, and Joan Jett the "Jesus" of it, them Melissa Ethridge is, perhaps the "John the Baptist." Just a thought.

Ethridge is one of the great female rockers because she expresses that great longing and hurt that makes for great rock music. I don't know right now who to compare her to. Maybe if Joan Jett is the female Chuck Berry, then Melissa Ethridge is the female Mick Jagger?

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