Sunday, April 26, 2009

Those eyes! They FOLLOW ME!

I got tagged by Samurai Frog with the Eye Meme.

les règles
1. Post a picture of your eyes.
2. Tag a few people.

So here are mine.

Oh. Wait. Not my collection? My actual eyes? Okey.

One of the major reasons I didn't get a lot of women in my youth.Smoking causes a lot of that ugliness. So quit already. Today. The scar in my right eyebrow if from the days when children were allowed to run around with pens in their hands.

This is the look of an impending auto accident I am not at the wheel of, or I am before some magnificent example of womanhood.

"Hulk SMASH!" Not the most attractive, but effective on certain occasions.

Tagging: Calvin, Lockwood, Empress, Trixie, Miggiemoe

Play if you like.


Mickelodeon said...

Dude, as soon as I can access my blog, I am SO doing this meme. Thanks for the tag!! =) Your picture of seeing a magnificent example of womanhood is priceless, BTW.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Glad you enjoyed my beastly features :-D No crazy-drunk eyes this time!

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