Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pet Peeves. Not a rant.

Just a few things that bother me when encountered.

1. Bars that serve Pepsi.

I do not take sides on the Coke/Pepsi debate. I like both, but I hate it when you order a whiskey and Coke, and get whiskey and Pepsi. Pepsi is not a good mixer.

2. The new-ish 7-Up.

While I am on sodas... 7-Up used to be great, but now it just tastes like Sprite. I like Sprite, but they used to be two different drinks. I like the un-cola.

3. Laptops with proprietary drivers.

Look at your Windows tray (the place the clock is). If you have a big name computer, you probably have a ton of icons down there. Some companies (Toshiba in particular) have a ton of programs that do the same things Windows already does. This means you are running two virtually identical processes. Wireless is the biggest culprit.

4. Not enough cheese pizza.

I don't eat meat with feet, so if I go to a slice place like Sbarro, I generally can only get cheese pizza. They never seem to make enough, even though so many meat eaters get it as well.

5. Getting car help from strangers, mainly a jump-start.

Ever have a dead battery in a parking lot and need a jump? Ever notice the guy who helps you has to tell you how you should clean your terminals, or do this, or do that? It is like the price of his help is his getting to feel superior for a minute. Never mind the battery is old and it is somewhat your fault it is dead, can't he just jump you off and shut the fuck up? If you don't have a car, you might have a similar experience with alpha maleness when cutting the grass or lighting charcoal - or help with anything from your Dad. I practice what I preach. If I give you a jump, I just give you a jump. You are pissed already, no need for me to add to the stress.

6. Bloggers who go on and on about pointless little problems.

Oh. Wait... Maybe I should stop now :-D


Wings said...

Hehehe... Very good list.

I could go on and on, adding to your #5, but I think you said enough. And thanks for saying it!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Now I feel bad for bitchin about this bullet in my shoulder. Sometimes I can be such a whiner.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Bullets are little... ;-)

David Drage said...

Great post and I agree with them all!

I do have a good story about getting my car jump started though!

I had a flat battery after leaving my lights on in a car park ("British speak" for parking lot), it had been foggy when I drove to work...

Anyway, police car drove through the car park while I was pondering what to do and he offered me a jump start. This was around 20 years ago and I doubt they would do it now, but it was cool at the time!!!

Darius Whiteplume said...

I had a coworker in the UK who dumped his motorcycle after hitting some gravel. He broke the headlight, and a cop pulled him over. At the time, bikes were not required to have a headlight, but if you had one it had to work :-\

I forget if the cop gave him a ticket, but did tell him where a local shop was to get it fixed quickly.

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