Sunday, May 24, 2009

Too Many Movie Choices?

So, you are picking out a movie. There is Dawn of the Dead, Road Warrior, Escape from New York, Lord of the Rings... so many nerdly choices, but you only have time for one movie.What is the busy nerd to do? You might want to try 2008's Doomsday

Now, I have to admit that I had problems with this movie when it first came out. First, it looked like Dawn of the Dead meets Escape from New York. Does not sound that original. Second, when I found out that was in fact not Kate Beckinsale in the lead role... well, at the time that was a problem.

I was right on the first mark, but it is so much more than a female Snake Pliskin fighting zombies while driving through a futuristic wasteland. It has some LotR/Excalibur/Army of Darkness swordplay action. It is a huge mish-mash of genres, and is oddly enjoyable.

Is it the best movie I have seen? No. Does it do anything remarkable for any of the genres it mimics? No. Is it a fun movie with ass-kicking, car stunts, and some comedy? Yes. Best, I think it knows it is not groundbreaking, save in mixing genres to an unprecedented level.

The new Hadrian's Wall.

One-eyed hero, huh?

Bob Hoskins!

Ooh. Snake Pliskin could have used that.

Crazed mob of cannibal punks!

Obligatory evil sexpot.

A little bit for the torture crowd.

Wow, was not expecting that.

This is why the pick does a x3 critical!

Where is the one-man helicopter?


wiec? said...

why is it everytime some apocalyptic stuff happens everyone reverts to the punk rock look?

Darius Whiteplume said...

I think the future has a lazy costume department :-D

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Didn't Rhona replace Kate in the lastest Underworld movie? I liked Doomsday...lazy Sunday afternoon viewing

Darius Whiteplume said...

I believe Rhona is a different character, but is the featured hottie. :-)

Keith said...

I did enjoy this movie. It wasn't really innovative or anything. It was a fun movie to check out. I liked the photos you posted.

Darius Whiteplume said...

It was certainly entertaining. So borderline spoof you couldn't help but laugh sometimes. Definitely worth a watch.

I tried not to do any gratuitous butt-shots, which the movie was full of :-)

Shon Richards said...

I often call this movie a John Carpenter Tribute band and that is meant as a compliment. It was crazy how many themes are present here.

My own weird moment of "No way!" was over the quality of the fishnet stockings that the cannibals had. I couldn't beleive that any stockings would still be intact at this point.

Darius Whiteplume said...

That is pretty amazing of the stockings. I did not think of that. Must watch this again some time.

"John Carpenter Tribute Band" is an excellent description.

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