Monday, June 22, 2009

Geeks Tools

I am not to pimping, but I found these at Think Geek (though I bought one at Amazon). Nifty and useful. Short road tested. Really, I am not pimping these and won't make a dime, but including links for your convenience. Likely available elsewhere as well.

First, the USB LED Flexlight. Ooooh! I thought I was buying it frivilously, then remembered how often I find myself behind a server with a) no flashlight and b) no way to hold flashlight and work if I did have one. Yet there are always open USB ports.

Next, the mystical SATA drive dock. No need to undo a drive enclosure, then redo a drive enclosure, then undo a drive enclosure just to access a hard drive. I have used it for laptop hard drives, though it will take 3.5 inch desktop drives as well. It can run USB or SATA, and if you have a SATA controller in your desktop, it comes with a backplane conduit. Not a must have, but if you screw around with drives and make disc-images it can be useful. I bought the one bay model. Gonna talk work into buying the two-bay ;-)

Last, and best. Well worth the seven bucks. Keychain multi-screwdriver. I always need a screwdriver when I don't have one, and never need one when I do. If I were not an Atheist I'd say it is some weird Karmic retribution for hating Linux. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Two Philips-head, two flat-head. Large heads are standard screwdriver size. Small ones are just right for those annoying little tech screws. Folds out to 180 degrees, and is surprisingly not as awkward as it looks.

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