Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Post I Have Been Pondering, Set Free by the Good People at Stolichnaya

I don't like to complain. Don't you hate complainers, I mean, can't they just shut up and talk about how cool Star Trek was? I mean seriously.

But I digress.

I am a pretty good IT guy. A good troubleshooter, quick worker, on top of the systems I run, plus my team's systems, plus the servers... Also, I don't do one thing IT guys are a bit famous for. Here is a secret. When an IT guy says he "cannot" do something, it often means he "will not" do something. Since there are often good reason I will not do something, I say so.

Well, my group's mascot is now officially:

I work in a partitioned steel building with no running water, but I do have a door to my office. I am being moved, with my group to what the US Army calls a "temporary building." If you are not familiar with the Army, here is a bit of Javascript code that may explain things:

var temporary = "permanent";

My new building actually has running water and a toilet, but that shining star is lonely in the vast universe of shittiness that is my new building.

That temporary = permanent thing. Yes, this temporary building was constructed in 1941. It is held together by paint and termite shit. We are on the second floor (outside stairway, yay!) of a crumbling building with no air conditioning and seven foot ceilings (yes, seven foot ceilings).

But it has a toilet!

Okey. All out now. You gals and guys are such great listeners. Now, where did I put that Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookiedough?


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

If you keep complaining they will take away all the free asbestos you can eat. At least when the building crumbles there will be no survivors to bitch about it. Gotta look at the glass half full my brother. eeeeeeek...

Darius Whiteplume said...

Oh, it is half full, alright. Sometimes overflowing. Problem is what it is full of ;-)

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