Monday, September 21, 2009

D&D and Me, of late.

For the first time in my life, I am involved in two, count 'em two, D&D games. Both 4e, one of which I am DMing.

The game I play in is me, the wife, and three other PCs, and the DM, so it is a big group. I play "Scorch" - a dragonborn cleric of The Raven Queen. I have, for some reason, loved clerics in 4th edition, though hated them previously. Scorch is about to become the only "officially" Good aligned character we have. We have a shaddar-kai swordmage (Evil), a drow rogue (Chaotic Evil), a half-elf ranger and longtooth shifter druid (both Unaligned). I have always been a balance type player. If the party is organized, my character seeds confusion. If the party is very good, I lean towards mischievous. Now, the party is 40% evil, and 40% goes along with much of it, so I am getting to turn my normal tables and play good. Perhaps the dread Lawful Good?

As far as play goes, I am not a schemer, nor interested in building a church, or any long-term role play type things. I kinda like bashing heads and doing a little of the "I tell him I refuse" type role-playing, and this game lets me get away with that. Currently, I am the tank, or sorts. Everyone else is a striker or artillery. Scorch is hard to put down, and is the only guy with metal armor, so into the fray I go!

The second game is the one I DM. It includes the wife, the DM from the other game, and a guy who I have played with briefly in the past. We are playing in the Forgotten Realms, and I am having fun with it. At times it is hard to balance what I want to do versus slaughtering the party. I'm not a party killer. Last session was touch and go, as I through a couple of gnolls, a 1st level wizard, and a demon against them. I had an NPC cleric along with them, and he proved somewhat useful. This group may be more rounded for combat than the other. We have a fighter (human), barbarian (goliath) (both great-weapon, "what's a bow" types), a druid/shaman (dragonborn), and a warlock/bard (tiefling). I typically throw in a cleric, or another fighter in, just in case things get out of hand. Soon they will have (once my new minis show up) and NPC that is something I have wanted to play in the past. We'll see how it goes.

Speaking of miniatures, I have been started at that again. I did a female dragonborn from Reaper that came out pretty good for my first time back at it (I knocked it out in one sitting, almost. The shield needs work). I'll post a pic soon.


iasa said...

Dude, D-Ming should so be your rap name. I haven't been able to game in awhile, maybe I'll have to put together a few encounters for the boys.

Keith said...

I've actually never played D&D. I had some buddies that played it when we were all growing up. My parents were very religious and though it was Satanic.

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