Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Premature Book Review: The Vengeful Virgin

This is actually a post-mortem, as I just finished the book before bothering to write it up.

The Vengeful Virgin is pretty standard pulp fare. Jack, a television repairman/salesman is called out to install some televisions and an intercom system for an old bedridden man. Shirley is the step-daughter/full-time caregiver for said oldster, Victor Spondell. It doesn't take long for Jack to figure out that Shirley wants to bump the old man off, and he wants to help. Throw in an ex-girlfriend, a nosy neighbor with tear-away panties, a suspicious doctor, and some poor planning and you have a couple on the run.

I like Brewer's style, even if the story is a little predictable. The end is a bit of a shocker, so there is something to look forward to. All said, this is an enjoyable bit of pulp, if a bit rote.


dfordoom said...

Well it has a great cover anyway!

I really need to explore the world of vintage pulp fiction.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I'm not sure when this one was written. HCC does some new stuff, such as the very good "Money Shot" by Christa Faust. TVV is definitely set in the gritty old days of pulp though, and I'm pretty sure Brewer was around for them.

While I enjoy the trashier pulp stuff, you still cannot beat "The Big Sleep" or "The Maltese Falcon" imho.

dfordoom said...

I love Chandler and Hammett as well. And don't forget Cornell Woolrich and James M. Cain.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I have not read any Cornell Woolrich. James M. Cain is a favorite, TVV kind of reminds me of "The Postman Always Rings Twice" - kind of. I like some of Jim Thompson's stuff.

dfordoom said...

Woolrich is terrific. Very twisted. If you like Jim Thompson you should like Woolrich. The Bride Wore Black is excellent, but really all his stuff is great.

iasa said...

ah, i do miss my pulps. i don't think i have ever run across one in belize. most of the tourists leave behind whatever is on the bestseller lists.

Woolrich is good, you should check him out darius

Darius Whiteplume said...

@iasa - Hey, long time no see! Sounds like you need a Kindle, eh? I probably have a ton of books my wife wouldn't mind me putting a box and getting rid of. Lemme know if you need a care package.

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