Thursday, September 9, 2010

A bit on Twitter...

Recently, Twitter has launched a new service designed to help you connect to other Twitter users. I have to say, it is superficially annoying. The "who to follow" section under my basic stats indicates people I may wish to follow. I am not too up on how it works, and too lazy to research it, but my guess would be that the choices are based on who the people you follow are following. That's not so bad, and frankly I hate to bitch about anything free. There are a few stylistic items that I would address, were I the developers.

See the little rectangle that says, "Twitter-for-iPad" near the bottom? That is a little random blurb that tells you about different Twitter related sites or applications, such as EchoPhone or Twitterific.It is pretty useful, and used to be at the top. Sure, I don't care about 90% of what I see there, but it is small, and unobtrusive. Personally, I would return it to the top.

Second, I would only put one "who to follow" suggestion. If you click the "x" next to a name, it replaces it with another, but often it is the same as the one below it. You can just keep x-ing names, and do each one twice. Partly this is a style issue, but it is even more a poor development issue.

Now. On to the good.

If you are a Twitter user, you have likely been notified that someone you do not recognize is following you. Who is this person? Well, Twitter has helped narrow things down a bit, as such:

Say Frank Conniff starts to follow me. Let's pretend. I might say, "who the hell is Frank Conniff?" Well, now I can see which (if any) of those I am following follow Frank as well. If he's good enough for wofgnards, shonrichards, and AlBruno3, he's good enough for me.

Side note: Frank Conniff is "TV's Frank" from MST3K. He is a funny guy, but sadly does not follow me...

Another good tool is the "you both follow" option. This is from SaRenna Lee's page, and it appears we both follow some people in common. If this were someone I did not know, I could at least see if they have similar tastes.

Okey. Enough Twitter. If you are a Tweeter, you can reach me @d_whiteplume. Ciao!

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