Friday, September 10, 2010

Nerd Girl of Note #79

Quick note here for new readers, and I suspect we might have some first time readers today. The Nerd Girl of Note category is not strictly for girls who are nerds, but most often for girls we nerds love. So, off we go.

One of my long time unattainable crushes, and now one of my oldest Twitter friends, is this week's Nerd Girl of Note: SaRenna Lee.

SaRenna started her career as a nude model in the 1990s, appearing in many men's magazines, videos for Napoli Home Video, and was in the low-distribution independent film Evil Streets (Terry Wickham, 1998). Her Marilyn Monroe-type appeal was an early selling point, but eventually was a star in her own right, in her milieu. Lee is one of the few models of her era that did not progress into hardcore pornography. Contemporaries like Tiffany Towers, Wendy Whoppers, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, and Chloe Vevrier all eventually wound up going in that direction, for a while at least.

I asked her about Evil Streets on Twitter. I had never heard of it before. She said, "it was showcased in a theatre on Long Island and had some Blockbuster distribution in NY, also sold at the Chiller Convention in Jersey. Not much of the country saw it though, unless they were on the director's site or mine. The goal was to get funding for another movie. I just loved shooting with that crew and a great cast." (translated from Twitter speak, by me. Originals [1][2][3])

As this is a nerdy blog, I had to ask some nerdy questions:

Q: About your website, do you design/manage all the pages? Are you secretly the world's sexiest web designer?

A: I'm involved in designing every inch of SweetSamples :•) BSLFE has helped me technically and executes things over my head while teaching me. I actually made some of the banners myself ~ I love playing in Photoshop it's so addictive! Keehee! I purchased a standard template tho online as the foundation. I like the simple sophisticated colors.

Q: Have you ever played D&D? Do you have a favorite video game? Like comics or superheroes?

A: No but I'd totally LOVE to learn [to play D&D —DW]. I love comics and super herOhs 2! I've been enjoying a website with- humor called Oglaf lately.

[Note: Oglaf is not for the kiddies. —DW]

Q: Regarding hardcore, it seemed like Score was pushing a lot of models that way in the '00s. I was a little shocked to see Chloe Vevrier in a Boy/Girl layout.

A: Oh the Chloe thing shocked me beyond words~

Speaking of comic books, SaRenna is the stylistic inspiration for the Spanish adult themed/fumetti comic AlulA BeBop by Max Capogna. I was not sure if SaRenna was aware of this being produced. She responded, "Great artists and real cool people! I'm very flattered they've included me in their art. He sent me signed drawings too. Very sweet!"

If you are a Twitterer, SaRenna is a fun and nice follow who loves talking with her fans.

SaRenna Lee Linkage:

Brought a little tear to my eye.

SaRenna was good enough to allow access to a few non-nudes, as we like to keep it clean here (in general).


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I had never heard of her before this post.

Anonymous said...

Max Capogna is Italian designer

Dave said...

I assume she is very nice inside and out :)

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