Sunday, September 26, 2010

Premature Book Review: Johannes Cabal the Detective

Jonathan L. Howard's second Johannes Cabal book just might have more appeal to some of my readers. I know that not all of you are into zombies and skeletons and questionable infernal dealings. I do not judge your tastes, merely question them. Johannes Cabal the Detective takes a rather different turn. There is still a necromantic flair, but this story goes from being similar to Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes (acknowledged by Howard), to a steampunk adventure. That's right, kids, weird Victorian science. Cabal's necromancy is more Reanimator thus far, with science over stepping mysticism. Thus far, a journey on an airship that would certainly appeal to Rocketeer fans takes up the focus. I have not yet learned why Cabal is a detective this time, but I have my suspicions.

If this one sounds more appealing to you, you need not necessarily read the first. A mere page of exposition hits those points from the first book (thus far) that are required for the reader to understand this book. It is not so much a sequel, in my opinion, as a re-purposing of the character, though not completely. Cabal is still the character from the first book, but his environment has changed... Maybe think of him as a D&D character in Ravenloft who now finds himself in Eberron. The feel has changed, but the mechanics are still basically the same.

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