Thursday, September 9, 2010

Short Movie Reviews

Only a few this week...

Cougar Club looked promising, but was all backwards. Two aspiring law students, one with potential and one with none, lose their internship when the slacker of the two is caught banging the future boss' wife (Faye Dunaway). He's into older women, and Hutton's character wants him to find young mates for her and her friends. They decide to find guys, and charge them for the cougar contacts, rather than charging the rich women for their services. It had potential, but in this regard, falls flat. Had some big names in it, including Carrie Fisher and Joe "Fat Tony" Mantegna, but couldn't deliver.

Verdict: Not dirty enough, nor funny enough to bother with.

Hotel Rwanda is great for those feeling a little too good about themselves and need some depression to level out their day. It was like watching Dawn of the Dead at times, with roads littered with corpses. I'd like to say it is an uplifting "triumph of the goodness of man" picture, but cannot. Sure, it had a Schindler's List aspect to it, and was in fact a good movie, but is seriously depressing. (DVD/picked by tas33)

Verdict: A hard, hard movie to watch.

Caged Heat is an odd little WIP film I went into yesterday. It definitely has its high points, but is not a great WIP film. Erica Gavin is a female convict sent to a prison with sadistic guards and a pervy doctor. She eventually breaks out, then returns to save her friends. I have seen worse films, but have definitely seen better WIP affairs. (DVD)

Verdict: Genre lovers might not dig it. Exploitation fans will be more pleased.


Fred [The Wolf] said...

I have COUGAR CLUB in my Instant Queue. Sucks it's not that good. HOTEL RWANDA is great. And I haven't seen CAGED HEAT in years. But I do remember digging it. Nice reviews!

Darius Whiteplume said...

If you are bored, Cougar Club is not horrible. Mantegna is such a dick in it, something he excels at (not dissing him, he just really knows how to play the jerk).

Just noticed Blogger fucked my post up a bit. Editing. ;-)

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