Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Welcomes!

Hello, friends!

I have not done this as regularly as I did in the past, but want to send a big welcome to all the new followers. It seems like only yesterday I was ecstatic about reaching ten! So all you folks following with Blogger/Google, Networked Blogs and the RSS feed, I hope you are enjoying yourself. I warn you though, we are very horror-heavy this month, what with Halloween and all. I wonder what November will bring..?

Big ups again to Ms Monster, Nerd Girl of Note #83 and horror hostess extraordinaire. She is either following this little blog now, or whomever does her blog is... Maybe Tat? Anyway, check her out at MsMonster.com.

Along with the standard greeting is the standard message. Feel free to post comments. They are like digital love to me. Keep things nice with other readers, please. I am hard to offend, but I also have control of the delete button. ;-)


Drake said...

I like to think it's the real Ms Monster following the Macabre Drive-in Theater and your blog, it's cool whomever it is. :)

Darius Whiteplume said...

Well, it is definitely the account that feeds into her site, so I'll take that as a win ;-D

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