Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Challenge #12

Frankenstein'e Castle of Freaks on Movie Macabre (here, on Fancast). A Neanderthal man appears, oddly enough, in the village where "Count" Frankenstein has his castle. And boy, is castle of freaks the right title. The place is littered with peep holes, and a rapey dwarf who has a problem with touching the dead girls. Even Frankenstein's main enforcer, Hans, takes a gander at the Count's daughter and boyfriend having a bit of the old in-and-out. Then the not-Igor hunchback and Han's wife enjoy a little rough sex in the woodshed... Christiane Rücker and Simonetta Vitelli kind of make the movie with some discreet nudity and breast-positive period costumes; they are pretty much the only characters that don't make you want to wash your eyeballs. The film has the typical cheap Hammer rip-off looks of an Italian film, but the smarmy jazz music you'd expect from a William Rostler sleaze-fest.

Verdict: Cheesy old Eurohorror fun, plus you get to see Elvira every 30 minutes or so.

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Copyboy said...

You should tell my blog buddy CB about this movie extravaganza. She'd love it.

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