Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Challenge #26

Body Double by Brian de Palma is an old style meets (then) new style horror thriller. De Palma is not everyone's cup of tea. He can be a little gratuitous and self-indulgent at times. He also borrows greatly from other directors, but I think a lot of his work is inspired, and Body Double is no exception. It has a lot of Hitchcock flair, and is even a film Hitch might have made if it had been presented to him.

The story is that of a down on his luck actor, Jake Scully, who becomes involved in a murder mystery. When he discovers that "Holly Body" (Melanie Griffith) was used to dupe him into becoming involved the plan to solve the murder is on.

This is one of the few Melanie Griffith movies I tend to like. Her typically cheesy, overly feminine voice is perfectly suited for playing a porn star. Her delivery is surprisingly good, unless you remember how funny she could be in Working Girl.

Verdict: I love it. Have for years. If you are on Netflix and want to see it streaming get to it before November 1st, as it will be off the streaming queue then.


dfordoom said...

Interestingly enough de Palma apparently originally intended the porn star to be played by a real porn star, and intended the movie to include hardcore sex scenes.

I'm a total de Palma fanboy and this is my favourite de Palma movie. And it's one of two movies in which I really like Melanie Griffith. The other (I'm slightly embarrassed to admit) being Cherry 2000.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I have yet to sit through "Cherry 2000" but have seen too many mentions recently to avoid it much longer. Maybe when Halloween is over and I can get back to more normal viewing? Unfortunately it is not on Netflix, nor Hulu. Ah, well.

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