Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Challenge #29 Double Feature

The Brain that Wouldn't Die is an old one that I never intended to watch, then I read the review at The Uranium Café and decided to give it a try.

Douche bag, Dr. Bill Cortner, has been experimenting with the remains of deceased patients and amputated limbs in an effort for find a cure for death. Girlfriend Jan Compton is killed in an auto accident when Bill is driving. Well, almost killed. He is virtually unharmed, but she is decapitated. He quickly(ish) get the head to his lab so he can try to save her. His plan? Find the hottest stripper out there, kill her, cut off her head, and plant Jan's noodle on the new ultra-hot body. What could go wrong? Mainly, as in most mad scientist stories, there are failed experiments waiting for revenge. Once Jan's head starts talking, and gets the power serum, she can communicate with one such creature, and plans to put him to good use...

While this is a staple reference for bad film, it is surprisingly not that bad. Sure, some of the acting is a bit over-the-top, but we're talking AIP here. Tits over talent in most cases. The film is pretty smarmy, and if I didn't know better I would think Joe Sarno was responsible (hmm... "Joe Sarno's Frankenstein" has a nice ring to it). The strip club Bill goes to appears to actually be a brothel. At first you might think, "why did all these guys bring their wives?" You then realize that these ladies are on the job. Otherwise, the film is kind of a leer-fest. Riding around town as Bill checks women out, then the bikini contest, finally watching the photo-shoot with a pin-up model; the looks on Bill's face are openly skeevy and you have to wonder why he isn't just banging hot chicks when he obviously doesn't think Jan is quite as stacked as he deserves her to be. Surgeons, huh?

Watch it on Hulu, here.

Verdict: If you are a Reanimator or Frankenhooker fan, or just into weird science, this is for you.

Nine Dead features Melissa Joan Hart and eight others in a sort of Monserat story where their captor tells them each is there because they have a part in an event. Once they figure out why each of them is there they can go free. In the meantime he will kill one captive every ten minutes. They still have to piece the dead into their answer.

Verdict: Not bad. Pretty well done, and not easily figured out by yours truly.


Bill Dan Courtney said...

I really got a kick out of Dr. Bill's slimy leers as he watched the beauty contest. This guy was simply indecent! I have not ever finsished a Joe Sarno film -I ahve a couple laying around here somewhere-but I agree it does have that feel to it.

Bill @ The Uranium Cafe

Darius Whiteplume said...

The only Sarno film I have really watched was "Sin in the Suburbs" which has Dyanne Thorne. He's always got this skeevy jazz in his movies that makes you feel like you're in a '50s strip club.

I was surprised how much I liked this one considering how all the "let's make fun of bad movies" people tend to do it (MST3K, etc), but maybe its strange qualities are what makes it so popular?

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