Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Challenge #7 (Missing Reel Edition)

Small caveat here: I did not get to watch Deathproof last night, and only saw part of the movie in this review.

Zombies Anonymous (2006) is similar to S. G. Browne's Breathers: A Zombies Lament (2009) in that it deals with sentient zombies trying to exist in a society that hates them. You might think from the cover that this is a kind of sexy, funny horror spoof. There are some good looking women and some funny parts, it is not however a spoof. It is a rather ugly story in the Romero vein, e.g. there is a culture clash, mostly precipitated by the stupidity and bigotry or the living. The zombies are the heroes, sort of. The real menace is the group of zombie hunters who remind one of the right wing anti-immigration people. Zombies are able to function in society and have laws to protect them, so the hunters say they are taking jobs from real people. The hunters also destroy voluntary zombie destruction facilities, places where a zombie might choose to go and have himself exterminated rather than exist as the living dead. The hunters assault on these places is similar to the right wing's assault on abortion, in that they do not want the zombie's "life" taken at their choosing, yet they complain that the burden to society is greater for their existence.

As for the film itself, it is a low budget affair, shot on video. It looks like a Troma release, save that it is not full of tits. The acting runs the gamut. There are some fair actors, and some real cheese balls. The dialogue is all over they place, but the characters have varied backgrounds. Certain scenes, particularly with the hunters, are extremely bad, but since the screenwriter/director (Marc Fratto) seems to have an agenda, he is likely trying to make them look worse by making their dialogue trite. Despite a lot of its flaws it is one of those films where you can tell that what the production lacks in funding and talent they make up for with passion. I don't think this is a movie made to make money (I certainly doubt it has made much), but rather a story someone wanted told through film and made the best of what they had. If you respect that in a film (I'm looking at you, TK) you should get reasonable enjoyment from Zombies Anonymous.

I shall definitely be finishing this one up tonight.

Verdict: Not bad. Not great. Watchable.

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